When seeking a credit solution, there are many companies that promise the moon, yet deliver very little. Allied Credit Solutions is not one of these companies. We are credit solution professionals who are genuinely concerned about our client’s consumer credit reports. With this qualification, we assist clients who are being adversely affected by inaccurate and/or unverifiable information reflected on their consumer credit reports. Our assistance starts by offering a FREE credit analysis, consultation, and evaluation. This will help us assess your credit situation, at which time we will carefully determine an exact plan of action tailored to your specific needs.

What makes us different?
Most “credit repair” companies only have a one-step system that sends one round of letters to the credit bureaus. You can do this yourself at home! The problem with this method is that there is only about a 10% chance that any inaccurate data will be removed. Even if some of the data does get removed, when the creditor goes back and re-reports the same information to the bureaus, they will put the same data right back on.

Our system goes to the base of the problem and handles it permanently! This, in our opinion, is the ONLY way to handle the problem. We have a new custom tailored multi-stage process unmatched in the industry. We even have an on-staff attorney to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed strictly.

You will almost never find two credit reports alike. If this is so, how can you run a general “fix-all” system? You really can’t. Each creditor responds differently to different clients, which is why we have a multi-stage program!

How much does it cost?
Our clients vary from having a few late payments to having bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, repossessions, tax liens, and many others. Therefore, each client is different and the pricing will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

You can do some simple mathematics to calculate that by sending items out via certified mail. The cost will be different for each client (certified mail is the only way to hold creditors responsible for their time allocation). There are many companies that claim to send out correspondences with certified mail, but, in reality, they really do not. Allow us to prove to you that we are a company that delivers over and beyond what we promise.




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